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Below are photos from past productions that I’ve directed.


Craters, or The Making of the Making of the Moon Landing

(Re) Written by: Elise Wien
Directed by: Deby Xiadani
Props by: Julie Solomon

*Accepted into Corkscrew Festival, 2018 @ Paradise Theater Factory, NYC

Featuring: Ruby Hurlock, Elyse Steingold, Angela Bilkic, Robert Leverett, Cristina Henriquez, John Racioppo, Alicia Thomas

Meet the film team responsible for staging the Apollo 11 moon landing. Or at least, partially responsible. Craters is an exercise in fact-finding, (re)enactment, and the power of simulation.

Photos by Charles Gleberman


By Jacqueline Wright

Written by: Jacqueline Wright
Directed by: Deby Xiadani & Michaela Escarcega
Set & Prop Design by: Rachel Zimmerman
Costumes by: Nicolle Allen
Lighting by: Deby Xiadani & Michaela Escarcega
Stage Management by: Flynn Osman

Starring: Lillian Isabella, Elyse Steingold, Holli Taylor

Jacqueline Wright is an L.A. based author of darkly comedic plays and twisted fairytale-like vignettes. We wove 6 vignettes to take you into the mind of Jacqueline Wright - gruesome, honest, and shockingly sweet.

Photos by Mari Uchida

The Pillowman

Written by: Martin McDonagh
Directed by: Deby Xiadani
Set Design: Cristy Altamirano
Costumes: Randi Young
Lighting: Kellie MacPhee
Stage Management: Victoria Rowe & Margot Yecies

*Guardin Directing Award, Honorable Mention, Dartmouth College, 2014

The Pillowman, is the viciously funny and seriously disturbing tale of a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state who is interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a number of child-murders occurring in his town.

Photos by Rob Strong


Third Night, a Passover Play

Written by: Elise Wien
Directed by: Deby Xiadani

Third Night is not only a play, but an interactive experience of Jewish ritual. Set in 1869, South Carolina, immediately after the Civil War, this humorous, fantastical, yet dark play juxtaposes the freedom of Israelites with the freedom of slaves over the "third night" of Passover dinner. 

Photos by Jason Merwin


Blue Stockings

Written by: Jessica Swale
Directed by: Deby Xiadani
Set Design: Julie Solomon
Costumes: Randi Young
Lighting: Dan Kotlowitz
Sound: Jackie Page
Props: Kyla Marmejo-Varga
Stage Management: Naomi Lazar & Sebastian Turner

A moving, comical and eye-opening story of four young women fighting for education and self-determination against the larger backdrop of women’s suffrage.

Photos by Rob Strong


Everything Falls Apart

Written by: Jordan Fitch
Directed by: Deby Xiadani

Winner: Frost Festival, 2016, Dartmouth College

A haunting, tongue and cheek one act into the mind of Man with Alzheimer's disease. 


Craters, or the Making of the Making of the Moon Landing

Written by: Elise Wien
Directed by: Deby Xiadani

Set in 1969 at a classified warehouse in the middle of nowhere America, “Craters, or the Making of the Making of the Moon Landing,” stages one of the largest American conspiracies of all time, with self-aware satire that has you laughing the whole time. 

Winner: Frost Festival, 2017, Dartmouth College

Photos by Rob Strong