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About me

deby xiadani (say it like: shyeah-dAWn-ee!) is an American-Mexican-Masshole director and writer, and now an associate artist at THE TANK in NYC, where she created the monthly live, comedy show all about food called, “Good Cooks” which features New York food founders, free tastings, and original comedy.

She graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Neuroscience and Theater, and hasn’t left. Well, she frequently is hired to teach students, produce shows, and host Dartmouth idol.

Now? She lives in New York City and just finished her first TV pilot and her third oat milk cappuccino.

Her curly hair is a reflection of her love for theatrical chaos.

Bill Diblasio: Deby is the winner of the “Most Likely to Make Friends Riding the Subway” Award, you know, if that existed.


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