You may not know me, but you will soon! 

I was born one California morning amongst stars, sunlight, and traffic

which explains why I love space, hot things, and being very loud.

Since we don't live in cyberspace and can only be in one place at one time

  I cherish creating spaces that bring people physically together.

My goal with performance & comedy is to create a communal experience that:

 enraptures, invigorates, and seduces you 

that breaks                                      the monotony of life  

  that interrogates our daily choices

Maybe you've experienced that moment while watching a live performance where everyone is entranced

with their mouths involuntarily open

it's the most beautiful, unattractive moment because at that moment

we are unfiltered and unified

It is my life goal to create that moment so that my friends & future leaders of the world can experience it

together, bewildered, drooling, & changed

I was born one California morning very loud, loving, and ready

to create unifying moments