Some about me and after you can virtually whisper, chant, or shout to me here

You may not know me, but you will soon! 

I was born one California morning amongst stars, sunlight, and traffic -- which explains why I love space, hot things, and being very loud.

Until the day we all live in cyberspace and can occupy multiple places at one time, I'll cherish creating space that brings people physically together.

My goal with performance is to create a communal experience that enraptures, invigorates, and seduces people; that breaks                                       the monotony of life, and questions our lifestyles.

Maybe you've experienced the moment while watching a live performance where we are all on the same page, where we are synced up, leaning off our seats, mouth involuntarily open (you know?) and I consider this unified moment, a gift. It is my life goal to wrap that gift into each performance so that my friends, family, strangers, future leaders of the world, open it together, mouth open, bewildered, and present.  

So, you may be wondering what I actually do. I'll tell yah. Narrowly, I direct theater. But in life I create performance. I write sketch comedy, sketch horror, perform comedic raps, emcee, produce shows, and continuously work to give the gift of spellbinding performance.